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Based on the topic provided at your workshop, work with your group to identify keywords, people, organisations and locations to create search parameters for your Digital Beat.


These terms will then be used to set up Google Alerts and TweetDeck!,

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Search Filter

Finds Content for…

“world cup”

Use quotation marks if searching for an exact phrase.  Also use quotation marks to manage the logic of your search and ensure you don’t combine terms by accident

super -star

Add a hyphen before a word to exclude a search term

reviews site:

Return results from within a specific domain


Find sites with similar content to a specific domain

allintext: happy hedgehogs eat

Find pages where all the terms appear in the body of text

James dean intext:boston

Find pages where the first term appears in the body of text, and the other terms appear elsewhere (e.g. title, domain etc.)

allintitle: breaking bad is good

Find pages with titles containing all of the search terms

Jian intitle:sad

Find pages with titles containing a particular word, with other terms appearing elsewhere in the document (e.g. body, domain etc.)

allinurl: super star

Find pages with the search terms mentioned in the URL

Toronto location: Canada

Find content from a particular location using Google News

best cities 2014 filetype:pdf

Find particular file types

dslr £500..£700

Search number ranges by separating different numbers with two periods

why does

* act like *

Use asterisks as wild cards – great if you forgot a word!

Richard Gere OR Michael Douglas

To search for multiple terms without having to return all of the input queries, add a capitalised OR in between

Search Filter

Finds Content for…

twitter search

Contains both “twitter” and “search”

“world cup”

Contains the exact phrase “world cup”

love OR war

Contains either “love” or “war” or both

super -star

Contains “super” but not “star”


Contains the hashtag “CanadaStrong”


Sent from the user “lageneralista”


Sent to the user “secdevfdn”


Referencing the user “secdev”

“world cup” near:”boston”

Contains the exact phrase “world cup” and sent near “boston”

near: London within:20mi

Sent within 20 miles of “London”


Content geolocated to within 1 km of the location at the specified latitude/longitude combination

Grumpycat since:2012-04-13

Contains “grumpy” and sent since the date “2012-04-13”

SmellyCat until:2012-04-13

Contains “SmellyCat” and sent up to the date “2012-04-13”

Twilight –movie :)

Contains “Twilight”, but not “movie”, and with a positive attitude

Jian :(

Contains “Jian” and with a negative attitude

Sharks filter:links

Contains “Sharks” and linking to URLs

news source:

Contains “news” and entered via Twitterfeed



API - short for Application Programming Interface, is a computer language and message format used by an application to communicate with the operating system or some other control program such as a database management system or communications protocol


digital shadow – is the online data that is left behind by users on digital services


entity resolution - is the process of identifying and “resolving” the user accounts of a single person (“entity”) on different social media platforms


EXIF – short for Exchangeable Image File Format, is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital cameras (including smartphones), scanners and other systems handling image and sound files recorded by digital cameras.  EXIF data is often found attached to multimedia on the internet and can provide valuable technical information about when, how and when the footage was captured


firehose - the massive, real-time stream of user-generated content published to a social media channel.  Most free sources of social data only provide a small percentage of total social media traffic.  A firehose provides 100 percent of publicly available data.


geo-location – information that is tagged with GPS or specific geographic data as added by the user or the social network as per the user’s consent and settings, and correlated to the place where that user-generated content is created


geo-referenced – content in which a geographic location is mentioned


GPS – short for Global Positioning System, is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time data, anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites



hashtag – a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character, “#”, to form a label such as #CanadaStrong. A hashtag is a type of metadata tag that enables the easy filtering of similar content


Image search – is a technology that allows users to find images that are visually similar from online sources.  Google Image Search and TinEye are popular Image Search engines



keyword – is a term used to search for relevant or related content on the internet


metadata – Metadata is "data about data". Metadata consists of details about information, (such as author, creation date, location and device used), that makes finding and working with data easier


the mosaic effect - is the process by which small pieces of information from disparate sources produces a larger, clearer picture of an individual, event or location


thumbnail – is a smaller sized version of a picture, used to index original files making it easier to identify and organise


triangulation – is the application of two or more methods or sources used to verify the accuracy of information


user-generated content – any form of content (such as video, blog posts, discussion forums, digital images, audio files, social network posts etc.) created by consumers or end-users of an online system or service and that is publicly available to other consumers and end-users







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